Who I Am & Why I Blog


Hi, Jon here. Thanks for checking out my blog. This is where I get to unpack life as a writer, teacher, leader, thinker, and creative.

First off, this blog is me sharing my own thoughts and ideas. This isn’t the place to go to get any official opinion or stance on what anybody else thinks, just me. As much as I’m a big fan of the ideas and opinions that are on this blog, nobody else is responsible for what’s on here, but me.

This blog is more for my ideas to be chronicled, for letting my words drop onto the screen as I wrestle with the thoughts and ideas that cross my path on a daily basis.  I hope that I will become a better leader, idea shaper, and communicator for Christ as I try to capture my ideas in my own words and way.

This blog is about four ideas, four fuels for what inspires me: Reading. Writing. Leading. Dreaming. Almost everything I blog about fits in one of those buckets, because great leaders know how to be laser-focused. Potpourri is for Celebrity Jeopardy… and the coffee table.

My wife Kara and I live in Denver, Colorado. We’ve been married for almost three years now, and we kind of have this thing for baseball. Part of our bucket list is our “30 before 30″ dream: catch a game in all 30 MLB stadiums before we turn 30. As of April  After each visit, I post about our experience and some good-to-know’s for anyone who wants to visit some of the same diamonds around America.

If you’d like to start up a conversation, you can do it in several ways: