Pressing toward the Resurrection

It’s been almost a week now since Ash Wednesday, which means we’re almost a week into Lent. I’ve put a lot of attention towards Lent in the past but this year, honestly I feel like it wasn’t on my radar like it has been in years past. We’re pressing toward the Resurrection and I feel like I missed the starting gate to Lent this year.

Maybe it’s because I’m busier than I’ve been in a long time with a slew of great opportunities at The Crossing. They’re all good and great amazing and I’m learning a lot… but I’m also very busy. The tyranny of the urgent can really be a… well, a tyrant at times and things start to drop off my radar.

Life can unravel at a freakish pace on this side of eternity… but what would you expect since we’re still sinfully infected? The dishes I’ve let pile up in the sink is a pretty good indication that I’m preoccupied. The lack of physical exercise is usually a sign to me that I’m busier than normal. I don’t like the idea of being too busy that I miss some of the most important moments in life, like the build-up to Easter.

Maybe pressing towards the Resurrection is about just reveling in the messiness of life as the pages fall off the daily calendar. Maybe it’s about seeing that our everyday lives get bumped just a little more off-center each day than we realize. Maybe it’s calling out the fact that we’re creatures of habit, especially bad habits, and we need forgiveness on a daily basis.

Resurrection Sunday is coming and there’s a celebration and joy and newness to be anticipated. I don’t want to miss it because that’s why I live and breathe. God, give me pockets in each day to anticipate the Resurrection. Even though I live in Christ’s victory throughout the year, I want to feel the excitement build, feel the hype start to grow, and feel the power of the cross and the tomb with a great perspective. I want to press on with a purpose.

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