O’er all the weary world

Some of the lyrics that have stuck with me this Christmas are from “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” It’s not really popular as far as Christmas carols go but there’s one line that I can’t shake. The writer is talking about the music of the angels (Luke 2) from heaven and that it’s going out “o’er all the weary world.”

When I think of being weary, I think of exhaustion. It’s not that Five-Hour Energy, 2:30 feeling where you give a slight yawn right before catching your second wind. Being weary is that point of feeling weak because you can’t remember the last time you rested. It’s more than just having heavy-eyes like you’re really sleepy; being weary means that your soul is thread-bare and your heart has carried something heavy for a long time.

That would describe millions, if not billions of people around us today. People are weary from carrying the weight of wars and famine and disease and injustice and hatred and greed and prejudice and other horrible things that they were never created to carry on their own.

The world is filled with almost seven billion people and so many of them, you, me, we are carrying some heavy burdens that the average person wouldn’t realize. The person driving in the car next to you might be driving home from a job loss. The person in front of you at Target might be struggling to find their wallet because they’re so focused on the latest battle in their crumbling marriage. As a pastor I constantly see people who are weary and barely keeping it all together.

That’s the weary world where we live. That’s the world in need of heaven’s message. And the songs of heaven, the messages of joy and healing, the messages of restoration and hope have been coming from God through His people for centuries. Let the message of Christ and the love and healing that He gives be the message that you share to the weary world around you. Let the message of the angels, that the Prince of Peace is here, be the message you carry today.

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